The Enchanting age old Sarangi and the young Maestro Kamal Sabri.
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A sarangi tunes into
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Swar Alankar -
A unique and history
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The Family Tradition CD - Ustad Sabri Khan Sarangi
The exciting sound of family making music together.
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Ustad Sabri Khan And Kamal Sabri -
Best Of Indian Sarangi

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Dhin-Na WPIG003 1999
PRICE 7 / 10

by Sabri Ensemble

Release date: 1/12/99
The Sabri Ensemble have been performing together as a live band for a few years and have at last recorded some of their music. This debut CD explores the common ground between different traditions:
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North Indian and Western classical music, jazz, Latin, East European folk and others. The music combines the haunting colours of the sarangi with flute, saxophones, lush instrumental textures and a driving rhythm section led by the tabla virtuoso, Sarvar Sabri.

"Once upon a time...
The concept of Indian musicians blending their art with musicians of different disciplines is nothing new. Some experiments succeeded and others didn't. I wanted to form a band of musicians from different backgrounds and disciplines to find a common ground where they could work together without imposing a tradition onto the others which itself requires many years of learning. To achieve that the first task for me was to find like-minded musicians who could grow together as a band allowing time to understand each other's work. This CD is the result of these musicians' patience and dedication to the band."
Sarvar Sabri.

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Lisa Mallet (flute)
Kamal Sabri (sarangi)
Alvin Davis (saxophones)
Mark Lockett (piano, keyboards, percussion)
Trevor Lines (double bass, percussion)
Sarvar Sabri (tabla)
Jozef Rememy (percussion)

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