The Enchanting age old Sarangi and the young Maestro Kamal Sabri.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

No Fusion, No Confusion

Ustad Shafaat Ahmed Khan jams with Minna Raskinen and Kamal Sabri

It's not 'soulless' electronic music either; a new Finnish-Indian band will present their version of world music in the city soon

Fusion is a big confusion. Or that's what the newly formed Finnish-Indian band tells you. The five-member band-Minna Raskinen, Kamal Sabri (sarangi), Jukka Tolonen (progressive rock guitar), Ustad Shafaat Ahmed Khan (tabla), Markku Ounaskari (Finnish jazz drummer) will be presenting their version of world music at a concert to be held in Kamani Auditorium.


So new is the band that they haven't decided on a name as yet. And unlike most music in this genre, the band claims their fusion will neither be jarring or incoherent. Techno fans can look elsewhere as this group firmly believes in order not playing "any soulless electronic musical equipment."

"As far as Indians are concerned, Finland lies on the other side of the globe. We are trying to give a glimpse of Finland through our music," says Sabri. Raskinen will be playing the kantele, Finland's national instrument. Kantele is a typically Finnish musical instrument and is carved from the jawbone of pike. While it creates a delicate, meditative tune, sarangi emanates haunting, traditional notes. Jazz drummer Markku Ounaskari who will also perform at the concert is considered a 'stylish' musician in Finland.

Despite the talent of the band, Raskinen who was last here in 1994 admits candidly, "It's been one hour since we have been practicing and we are both playing our own music. So far it isn't making much sense. Wait for another week and you will hear something very different."


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