The Enchanting age old Sarangi and the young Maestro Kamal Sabri.
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Date Newspaper Title
Mumbai, April 28, 2009 Hindustan Times ‘I will never dilute the raga system’
Thursday, April 23, 2009 DNA: Lifestyle: The sarangi's sassy side The sarangi's sassy side The Sarangi would be heard on radion only when a minister passed away
Apr 20 09 Music Today gets funky
17 Apr 09 Music Today launches Kamal Sabri's 'Sarangi Funk'
17 Apr 09 Sarangi Funk - Sarangi Technology
xtraedition -India Times Bringing Sarangi to the world
12 Dec 2008, The Times of India The sarangi man...who wants to be funky
8 Feb 2009 The Times of India A musical juggle...
Jan 08, 2009 Metro Plus Delhi
The Hindu
A taste for variety Sarangi Maestro Ustad Kamal Sabri’s sole steering recital at the French Embassy, 22nd September 2008
Aug 04, 2008 Expressindia Soul Strings
July 07, 2006 Bollywood Boulevard Bollywood Boulevard
July 6, 2006 The New York Times Kamal Sabri Composer
(Music Score)
May 12, 2006 The Tribune
Chandigarh, India
Cultural rendezvous
December 26, 2005 The Tribune
Chandigarh, India
GenNext to follow standards of patriarchs: Sabri
August 05, 2005 The Hindu Rhythm divine, in unison
IMDb (Web) Miscellaneous Crew - filmography
May 02, 2005 The Hindu If it is sarangi, play on
2004 The Big Question (2004) The Film Kamal Sabri has done Backround score)
Nov. 4, 2004 Special Report: AFM How far is heaven?
RAVE: The Legends Double Issue Indian Classical
September 8, 2005 Hindustan Times Now sarangi goes West
March 14, 2002 The Hindu Keeping a great tradition alive
March 14, 2002 Hindustan Times We are the world: Rhythm Chant That Unites
February 22, 2002 Navbharat Times Bharat va Finland ke Beech Sangeetmai Ekta
February 12, 2002 The Times of India The Finnish connection….
February 7, 2002 Hindustan Times Hindustan Times - Kolkata
February 2, 2002 Hindustan Times Musical Medley From Finland
January 31, 2002 The Hindu 'World' music is here
January 31, 2002 The Times of India Delhi Times
January 29, 2002 Express Newsline No Fusion, No Confusion
January 11, 2002 Hindustan Kamal Ki Sarangi Se Nikle Vishva Shanti Ke Sur (In Hindi)
January 5, 2002 The Hindustan Times Sabri Makes Excellent Music
January 4, 2002 The Hindu His Father's Son
January 3, 2002 Sandhya Times Sarangi Ke Prati Samarpit hein Ustad Kamal Sabri (In Hindi)
October 14, 2001 The Hindustan Times Swiss jazz gets gen-next jiving
May 23, 2001 The Hindustan Times His enchanting sarangi notes have charmed millions world-wide
Feruary 20, 2001 DAWN The enchanting sarangi and the young maestro
March, 11, 2001 The News Playing by Cuticles
February 21, 2000 DAWN Sarangi Maestro
October 4, 2000 The Hindustan Times Portrait of an artist as a Sarangi Player
September 3-9, 2000 neighburhood FLASH Generations come alive on the Sarangi
August 2, 2000 The Hindu For him, sarangi has a hundred colours
Sunnuntai 9. toukokuuta 1999 Turun Sanomat Sarangin mestari soittaa Turussa
maanantaina 3. toukokuuta 1999 Helsingin Sanomat Intialainen sarangimestari vierailee Suomessa
May, 29, 1998 TRINIDAD GUARDIAN New Delhi musicians for Arrival Day