The Enchanting age old Sarangi and the young Maestro Kamal Sabri.
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29th May 1998
Trinidad (West Indies)

New Delhi musicians for Arrival Day
Musicians performing at Naparima Bowl, San Ferando. INSET: Kamaal Sabri Playing the sarangi, one of India oldest instruments.

INDIAN Arrival Day celebration continue to attract some of the best performing artiest form India. Last week, a group of New Delhi musicians began performing at different Trinidad Venues.

On Sunday they performed at an open-air- concert at Cedros, organised by the Maha Sabha. On Tuesday night, they appeared in concert at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando.

Kamaal Sabri, who played the sarangi, an old traditional instrument of India, is a youthful looking maestro belonging to the Sarangi musicians. His musical talent is not restricted to playing India Classical music. He recently played Fusion music in Barbados with western musicians.


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